Aggreg8 Coaching Explained

How it works

It was Albert Einstein that said, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them". Coaching gives that fresh perspective that shifts our thinking from only seeing the problem of being aware of all the factors contributing to that problem.

The 5-hill journey

The model

Since we're innately complex, we need structured coaching founded in the principles of social sciences to be successful. Someone with excellent listening skills and business experience does not necessarily make a great coach.

Aggreg8 integrated critical principles of psychology, counselling, and mentoring to build our 5-step coaching methodology. We call it the 5-hill journey as it implies that the coachee will face five challenges (hills) during each coaching conversation, but also during the entire coaching journey.

Each of the hills offers concrete milestones which we use to benchmark the coaching success. See below for a brief explanation.

  1. Connect:

    An opportunity to connect to all the facets of our character and behaviour. The connection centres us to the coaching and to the learning journey we follow. We look at the highs and lows of our world and learn to give words to feelings and behaviours to actions.

    Archetype: Everyperson | Taxonomy: Receive
  2. React:

    An archetypal process where we support coachees to connect to self-believes, judgements of self and others as well as understanding our reactions to these beliefs. The way we react directly impacts our behaviour at work.

    Archetype: Explorer | Taxonomy: Respond
  3. Own it:

    As we get to understand our reactions to judgements and beliefs, we open up space for taking accountability. The success in coaching lies in our ability to be accountable for our thoughts, actions and habits.

    Archetype: Outlaw | Taxonomy: Value
  4. Invent:

    As the fourth step in the coaching journey, and following on from understanding reactions and being accountable for them, the focus here is on being creative. In this step, magic happens where the coachee takes centre-stage of their world and takes an opportunity to rewrite their ways of acting, working and feeling.

    Archetype: Artist | Taxonomy: Organise
  5. Fulfil:

    As the coaching journey or session matures, the coachee has an opportunity to own their newly founded ways, but through clarity, knowing the risks involved in change, and being courageous to be authentic about when it works, and when it doesn't.

    Archetype: Hero | Taxonomy: Internalise

Aggreg8 coaching is holistic, and we often expand our coaching by conducting 360 feedback, psychometric tests or aptitude testing that helps us personalise each coaching journey.

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